Happy Diwali!

Our focus this week has been learning about Diwali. Mrs Ajith very kindly brought in some brand new beautiful clothes that would be worn for a Diwali celebration. Don’t the children look fantastic?

The children enjoyed discussing and then acting out the story of Rama and Sita. Warrior Prince Rama went to the rescue of Princess Sita after she was captured by the evil King Ravana. We had lots of monkeys supporting Hanuman!

Beautiful cards were made with some super cutting skills from the children. They will also be bringing home diva lamps, which they made from clay and then decorated with paint and jewels. I hope they burn brightly at home and bring you good fortune.

Some of the children have had the wonderful opportunity this week to create drawing stories with Mrs Johnston. We were all impressed by their imaginative creations.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Shipley

Pumpkin week

This week, we have been enjoying a beautiful storybook – ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper. Our home corner was transformed into the ‘old white cabin’ and the children created their own versions of pumpkin soup on the stove.

We took a very close look at and had a good feel of a variety of pumpkins. Pastels, water colours and charcoals were used to capture the lumpy colourful appearance of one of our favourites. Plasticine was used to make models of a more regular looking pumpkin outdoors.

When we opened up the pumpkin, we noticed the strands, seeds and pulp inside. The children used a variety of adjectives to describe how it felt when they pushed their finger inside: slimy, gooey, stringy. One of us thought it smelled ‘like cabbage’.

Today we all had the opportunity to try some pumpkin soup – fortunately made with unexplored pumpkins by Mrs Willis! We counted up how many children enjoyed the soup – most of us did.

Whilst reading the story, we discussed the feelings of the characters and the children had fun showing each other their happy, sad, scared and angry faces. I wonder if you can tell which is which!

On Wednesday, we gave thanks to the people who have worked hard in wars to keep us safe. The children created some beautiful poppies – well done!

Have a fun and relaxing weekend, RS.

Mrs Shipley

Run, run as fast as you can…

It was lovely to welcome the children back into school on Wednesday.

In creating our class birthday display, we discussed the months of the year. Thank you for talking to the children at home about when their birthdays are. Our class bear will celebrate his 6th birthday at the weekend and he is disappointed he cannot have the birthday party he wanted. So, the children used various small shapes to create him some thoughtful birthday cards for a celebration at school.

Our story of the week was ‘The Gingerbread Man’. When we ran like the gingerbread man, we noticed and discussed the impact on our bodies. We also considered what the gingerbread man could have done to cross the river without being eaten by the fox. The children made some fantastic suggestions, such as using a jetpack, taking a submarine, putting himself inside a bottle, building a boat, floating on a log and swinging across on a rope. It’s a shame that the gingerbread man did not share RS’ talent for problem solving. We conducted an investigation to see what might have happened if gingerbread man had tried to swim by placing him in a jar of water. It did not end well for him! We enjoyed including gingerbread man in our outdoor activities too. He told us that it was his first trip in a wheelbarrow.

Our value of the fortnight is ‘Love’ and the children talked about who and what they love and why. It was wonderful that so many chose to explain why they loved someone at school!

The children had their first singing lesson of the year with Mr Mercer. Here are a few clips if you would like to sing along at home.

.It’s the weekend already – maybe you can chase your gingerbread children round the garden or park?

Mrs Shipley

A great effort from everyone at home – well done!

Thank you once again for sharing your learning today. I can see that you have been having fun whilst working very hard. Emma found a cloth, the bath, a three, her thumbs and a thank you card in her hunt for objects containing the ‘th’ sound in their name. Eli and Lewis created lots of repeating patterns and I love the different type of objects the children have chosen to use. Phoebe enjoyed talking about birthdays and made an invitation for her bear’s party. Can you tell from her drawing how old Rollo is going to be?

Thank you to everyone as I appreciate the effort and juggling, which has gone into the last couple of days.

I am really looking forward to welcoming you all back to RS in the morning. Sleep well.

Mrs Shipley

Home learning – Tuesday 3rd November

Hello everyone

Thank you so much for all the messages and photos of your learning yesterday and thank you, parents, for all the effort you put into this. Here are some activities for today,

I’m really looking forward to seeing you all again tomorrow.

Mrs Shipley

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Home Learning – Monday 2nd November

Good morning

I hope you had a relaxing half term break. It was rather strange being inside all week, watching the rain through the windows, wasn’t it?

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again on Wednesday. In the meantime, here are some activities for you to try at home. I appreciate that you may have work commitments so please do not worry if it is not all completed.

Daily Phonics: The children in our class are at different levels, so I’ve tried to include a range of activities.

For these activities you will need

  • phone, ipad or computer to show youtube lessons.
  • Paper
  • Pencils and pens
  • Lots of enthusiasm! 

For Monday, we would like you to show the children this letter teaching ‘sh’. This lesson is here

The format of the lesson is exactly the same as we do it in class ( hopefully we are just as full of enthusiasm!)

If you can print the attached handwriting sheet, then please use. Otherwise, don’t worry, writing the sound on paper is fine too. You can model it first, then ask your child to copy. Just make sure you do it in the same formation as in the video. 

The really important concept is that your child recognises the SOUND of each letter. If they can’t yet do this, write out the sounds on pieces of paper and hide them around the house, then go on a sound hunt! Look what I have found……. What sound is it? 

You could make 2 copies of the letters and turn it into a snap game!

When your child knows all the sounds, we want them to be able to blend 

Help on how to blend here

If your child is blending words, a game that you can play at home is here . This can be played with lots of different CVC words. 

If your child is blending sounds to make words, we will be using ‘fred fingers’ to help write the words

This is exactly how we will be doing this in school here

Not all children will be ready for this, so please don’t worry if your child is finding it difficult. We are always proud of them for having a go.

Daily Maths

For these activities you will need

  • Fingers!
  • Paper and pen
  • Lego or duplo
  • Any building blocks etc 

Counting forwards and backwards is so important every day. Can you count with your child up to 20? Then back from 10?

Write numbers 1-10 on pieces of paper, place on the floor and turn them over. Can your child turn one over, shout out the number and clap the correct number of times or jump the correct number of times? Then work through the rest of the numbers.

Building activity see attached sheet. I love this ‘Can you build this?’ activity. You make a simple model using a few construction pieces, and your child copies. 

This idea from the sheet is fun.

I’ve made a little model which I’ve got hidden under the table – I’ll see if I can tell you how to make it. First, take a blue brick, then put a yellow one on top… 

Can you make a secret model with five bricks and describe it for me to make?

One more thing you might want to do today 

Can you remember where our tree is?

What type of tree is it?

What did we call our tree?

What happens to the leaves in Autumn? 

Please post photos and comments on Tapestry or email me today debbie.shipley@allertonceprimary.com with how you are getting on with your home learning. If you want me to post the photos on the blog for our class to see, please let me know in your message. 

Have fun and please remember – I’m here to help you today. 

Mrs Shipley

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Goodbye, class bears. We will miss you in school.

Well done, RS, for completing your fist half term in Reception. What a wonderful class you are. You have all worked so hard to adjust to life in school after such a long summer.

It has been the last week in school for our school bears and we wanted them to experience their very own school trip before they left. So, we took them on a stroll to find our class tree – a beautiful apple tree in the school orchard. We noticed that the leaves were turning different colours and that the apples on the tree and on the ground varied in size. Some apples had clearly been nibbled at and we wondered if the bite marks belonged to birds, worms, squirrels or aliens. Someone had the wonderful idea of giving our tree a name. Four names were suggested by the children but a vote determined that our tree will be Rosy. We will be making regular visits to Rosy over the year to observe how she changes.

The bears impressed the children and teachers with their impeccable behaviour on our trip; they were great ambassadors for the school. The children are very excited to be bringing them home today. I wonder what adventures they will have in their new homes.

Our work on repeating patterns in mathematics inspired some wonderful ideas and collaborations both inside and outside of the classroom – from building trains to making friendship bracelets to creating pictures with woodland treasures. The children also devised repeating action patterns, which we added to each day. Perhaps the children can create some repeating patterns at home to show you?

Have a relaxing and fun-filled half term – you all deserve it.

‘A gruffalo? What’s a gruffalo?’

The week commenced with us considering carefully the setting in The Gruffalo. After putting on wellies and pulling up hoods, we ventured outside into the woodland for a ‘stroll’ – our word of the week. We did lots of noticing and wondering. When we discovered a hole in a tree, one of the children suggested that the woodpecker – spotted in The Gruffalo – had ‘pecked it’. Another thought it might be ‘the entrance to a fairy house’. What wonderful ideas! Magnifying glasses helped us to examine the worms, plants and trees. We heard the birds singing (as well as a motorbike and children playing). We considered the different textures of the bark on the trees and we noticed that the green leaves were a lot smoother than the brown ones. As we entered the denser depths of the woodland, we encountered the mouse, Owl, Snake and Fox before finally spotting the Gruffalo. At that point, our stroll became a run. We were glad the Gruffalo didn’t catch us as someone had suggested that his favourite food is ‘child cupcake’!

Our value of the fortnight is ‘joy’ and we considered the joy that mouse felt at the end of The Gruffalo when he sat down to enjoy his nut. RS found joyful moments in ‘wearing wellies’, ‘holding a worm’, ‘eating fruit’ and ‘playing with friends’. We considered how joy is linked to kindness and there were many instances this week – from sharing resources to celebrating each others’ successes – where children brought joy to others through their kind acts. You make me very proud RS!