Happy Diwali!

Our focus this week has been learning about Diwali. Mrs Ajith very kindly brought in some brand new beautiful clothes that would be worn for a Diwali celebration. Don’t the children look fantastic?

The children enjoyed discussing and then acting out the story of Rama and Sita. Warrior Prince Rama went to the rescue of Princess Sita after she was captured by the evil King Ravana. We had lots of monkeys supporting Hanuman!

Beautiful cards were made with some super cutting skills from the children. They will also be bringing home diva lamps, which they made from clay and then decorated with paint and jewels. I hope they burn brightly at home and bring you good fortune.

Some of the children have had the wonderful opportunity this week to create drawing stories with Mrs Johnston. We were all impressed by their imaginative creations.

Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Shipley

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