Pumpkin week

This week, we have been enjoying a beautiful storybook – ‘Pumpkin Soup’ by Helen Cooper. Our home corner was transformed into the ‘old white cabin’ and the children created their own versions of pumpkin soup on the stove.

We took a very close look at and had a good feel of a variety of pumpkins. Pastels, water colours and charcoals were used to capture the lumpy colourful appearance of one of our favourites. Plasticine was used to make models of a more regular looking pumpkin outdoors.

When we opened up the pumpkin, we noticed the strands, seeds and pulp inside. The children used a variety of adjectives to describe how it felt when they pushed their finger inside: slimy, gooey, stringy. One of us thought it smelled ‘like cabbage’.

Today we all had the opportunity to try some pumpkin soup – fortunately made with unexplored pumpkins by Mrs Willis! We counted up how many children enjoyed the soup – most of us did.

Whilst reading the story, we discussed the feelings of the characters and the children had fun showing each other their happy, sad, scared and angry faces. I wonder if you can tell which is which!

On Wednesday, we gave thanks to the people who have worked hard in wars to keep us safe. The children created some beautiful poppies – well done!

Have a fun and relaxing weekend, RS.

Mrs Shipley

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