Goodbye, class bears. We will miss you in school.

Well done, RS, for completing your fist half term in Reception. What a wonderful class you are. You have all worked so hard to adjust to life in school after such a long summer.

It has been the last week in school for our school bears and we wanted them to experience their very own school trip before they left. So, we took them on a stroll to find our class tree – a beautiful apple tree in the school orchard. We noticed that the leaves were turning different colours and that the apples on the tree and on the ground varied in size. Some apples had clearly been nibbled at and we wondered if the bite marks belonged to birds, worms, squirrels or aliens. Someone had the wonderful idea of giving our tree a name. Four names were suggested by the children but a vote determined that our tree will be Rosy. We will be making regular visits to Rosy over the year to observe how she changes.

The bears impressed the children and teachers with their impeccable behaviour on our trip; they were great ambassadors for the school. The children are very excited to be bringing them home today. I wonder what adventures they will have in their new homes.

Our work on repeating patterns in mathematics inspired some wonderful ideas and collaborations both inside and outside of the classroom – from building trains to making friendship bracelets to creating pictures with woodland treasures. The children also devised repeating action patterns, which we added to each day. Perhaps the children can create some repeating patterns at home to show you?

Have a relaxing and fun-filled half term – you all deserve it.

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